Monday, 15 June 2015

Research strand at ULearn2015

This blog post is really to alert you to the ULearn15 conference in Auckland in early October. I have the responsibility (ably supported by CORE Education staff) of organising the Research Strand Day, as I have done for a couple of years.

Essentially, the Research Strand is a showcase of praxis - investigations of research on practice in educational contexts. The day provides delegates with exposure to current New Zealand research in education. This research may be from the CORE e-fellows' projects, from teachers writing masters theses, or even undertaking some Teaching as Inquiry of their own. It might be a presentation by academics who are working with teachers in schools, or doctoral students presenting their works in progress. Past presenters tat the Research strand are featured on the site, if you scroll down to find a couple of short videos.

The day begins with a keynote by Dr Ann Liebermann who will address this question: What do we know about Teaching Leadership, and what's to gain? 

The Research Strand provides, in succinct 20min presentations, windows into hot-off-the-press and emerging research. This year, we are likely (as we did last year) to have enough to fill three rooms of presentations spread over two sessions. In 2014, the rooms were bursting at the seams with delegates wanting to hear about presenters' research.

One of the other features of the day is the one day registration fee for the Research Strand. So, if you are time-poor but want to gorge on current research updates, this day could be for you! And for $230, you get to soak up what people are thinking, learning and doing. You also get fed really well. ULearn is renowned for being a conference that looks after people.

So, if you're in need of a digital update, a research findings fix, a bit of time in Auckland and huge networking opportunity among like-minded education colleagues, then check it out. More than fifteen hundred delegates can't be wrong!

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